Free Astrology 101 Class

Learn how to receive guidance on your life path by understanding your birth chart.

Welcome to Rainbow Soul Collective

Our school is a sanctuary for all of your metaphysical learning needs.

Have you been looking for a place to learn healing, astrology, herbalism and more? 
Are you looking to meet with a community of like-minded souls who are interested in the magical arts? 


Are you looking to learn from incredible teachers who have spent countless hours honing their craft?


Are you ready to create a magical new business but just need the groundwork and self-confidence to take that leap? 
Start your journey with us today!

Educational Pillars of our School

Set the groundwork to create your magical business and attract your ideal clients.

Find your way back home to deep self-care & self-love.

Learn how to heal others through Reiki & other Energy healing modalities.

Learn about flower essences, plant spirit communication, herbalism and more.

Learn to heal others and the self with the art of crystal healing.

Learn the art of channeling, intuitive development & becoming a seer.

Learn the art of Astrology and telling the story of your chart and others with ease.


We are a collective of healers, seers, creatives, practitioners of the Soul and so much more, here to serve you along your Soul journey.

We are so happy you are here with us.

Our soulful team of healers, writers, yogini, artists, herbalists, mediums, among their many other talents and gifts, are here to help you along your journey.

From Light Language, to opening up your heart center to receive and love unconditionally to reading your Akashic Records and birth chart to developing your healing and psychic gifts, plus so much more, there is something for everyone to help expand your soul’s path.

We’ve curated an online class platform so that you can access this soulful information from wherever you are, and for most of our classes for as long as you’d like.

Each class is a sacred container and holds the wisdom and medicine from each teacher.

Thank you for being a part of this Rainbow journey and we can’t wait to see you on the inside.


The Rainbow Soul Collective Team

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