Rainbow Soul Collective was birthed through one of Grace Harrington Murdoch's insistent guides, who wanted her to create a sacred space where everyone could come to learn how to connect their own soul to the metaphysical realms.  

This space is both for embodiment and transcendence: embodiment of one's true soul nature as a Rainbow soul be-ing; and transcendence from the lenses that may keep you from seeing your brilliant multi-faceted light.  

What is a Rainbow soul be-ing? It is someone who sees their own Divinity within their human form and uses that Divinity to bring compassion to the self and others.  

We are at a precipice in this time where we need to remember our true nature so that we can evolve ourselves and human consciousness for the better.  This does not come only through transcending, but also embodying the values we desire to share with the world in a tangible way.   

Grace desired a space where she could express all her bodies of knowledge that she has collected and curated over the years.  She saw these emanating from her like the colors of a rainbow.  So within each module, she has something special to share with you all. 

But the vision did not stop there.  Her dream has been to create a collective where other teachers come together to share their wisdom to support you and one another.  

We are excited to have a diverse group of teachers, healers, guides and sages who are here to share their unique expertise with you all.  


Please reach out with any questions to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!