A Morning Routine for Uncertain Times

Do you have a morning routine? Check out what our founder Grace Harrington-Murdoch had to share about her morning routine.

I have been thinking of you all a lot and myself too, during the uncertainty of these times. 

For a moment this summer, it certainly felt like there was some serious momentum forward and then we got the news of delta… but even so, something did not really change. 

And that something is: we still have to take supreme care of ourselves.

And also, we never really could predict what was next moment to moment (except a little bit astrologically of course.) 

When the pandemic hit, my gut instinct was to go even deeper into my spiritual practices as well as my health routine, versus further away from it. And as things started to lighten up I drifted a little. But recently I re-committed to my practices and am taking it all several steps deeper. 

Before I get into that, I wanted to share some of my favorite practices that are good for the...

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A Deeper Connection with Spirt Through Trance Mediumship

Namaste Friends,

This morning I found a couple of photographs that were taken at my first ever Trance Mediumship class back in 2016, with my Trance Mediumship Mentor Tony Stockwell. It reminded me of the unfoldment of the specific journey of Trance which is ongoing and one of the deepest felt transformations of my life so far. I remember sitting in that class, with barely perceptible blending with Spirit, and wondering if anything was actually happening. But as the days progressed, a shift occurred and something inside of me was ignited. 

The culmination of that was on the last day of the class, when I sat with a more experienced Trance Medium, to do a practical exercise in Trance. It was one of the most moving and profound experiences I had had up to that moment. The Medium blended with my Spirit Team and as her eyes rolled back in their sockets, she spoke a message from the Spirit. I felt a sudden expansion in my Heart Center, and a surge of unconditional love flowing through...

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Direct Channeled Message from Archangel Ariel


What if you could receive guidance from Archangels?

Well, you can in this very special channeled message from our core teacher, Chernise Spruell. 

Here’s a specifically channeled message from Archangel Ariel to you…may it bring you the peace you seek.

One of the things that we would love for you to focus on at this time is the golden light that emanates from your heart space. There are many of you who identify as being predominantly “ego-based human” and that is wonderful, that is how the game was set up but now is the time to unmask and reveal your light to the world.

Not for the sake of the world during these transitioning times, but for your own sake.  

You, Dear One, owe it to yourself to be able to experience yourself as the light that you truly are. This is the most loving, most wonderful, most pure, most fulfilling gift that you can give to yourself. And this in no way negates who you have known yourself to be up until this...

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