A Deeper Connection with Spirt Through Trance Mediumship

Namaste Friends,

This morning I found a couple of photographs that were taken at my first ever Trance Mediumship class back in 2016, with my Trance Mediumship Mentor Tony Stockwell. It reminded me of the unfoldment of the specific journey of Trance which is ongoing and one of the deepest felt transformations of my life so far. I remember sitting in that class, with barely perceptible blending with Spirit, and wondering if anything was actually happening. But as the days progressed, a shift occurred and something inside of me was ignited. 

The culmination of that was on the last day of the class, when I sat with a more experienced Trance Medium, to do a practical exercise in Trance. It was one of the most moving and profound experiences I had had up to that moment. The Medium blended with my Spirit Team and as her eyes rolled back in their sockets, she spoke a message from the Spirit. I felt a sudden expansion in my Heart Center, and a surge of unconditional love flowing through me unlike anything I had felt before, tears streamed down my face, as I came to the lived realization of the profound love and beauty of Spirit.

In fact, tears are streaming down my face now too as I write this because

I know how loving Spirit truly is and that we are an integral part of Spirit, we are never alone, we are held and loved deeply no matter what is happening in our external reality.

The message to me was that my Spirit Team knew that I had a yearning to know them, and they promised to reveal themselves to me further when the time was right. 

           My first Trance Medium experience in 2016 with my mentor Tony Stockwell.

I am still in awe of Trance, and all of its magical gifts of healing and revelation. I now practice and share the gifts of Trance with others on an individual and group level. The strongest manifestation of Trance for me currently, is Trance Healing. There are many ways in which Spirit can work with us through the Trance altered state because Spirit is so multitudinous and creative.

I love how Trance has helped me to connect more with our ancient roots as powerful multi-dimensional beings, with the ability to balance and heal, and to be in harmony with the environment. There is so much more to us than the limited Patriarchal paradigm will have us believe. 

I am honored to share with the Rainbow Soul Collective, the gift of Trance Mediumship and Healing. During a Trance Séance, I use music and breath to go into a deep altered state where I blend with the Spirit. Most specifically I am blending with and bringing forth the Deity energies. I feel the Goddess as a vibration and pulsation, and also different personality aspects, sometimes strong and fierce, and other times soft and nurturing. The energy is then directed through the spontaneous practice of Mudras (Yogic hand gestures) which direct the energy for the group.

Participants can experience a range of things from feelings of calmness and serenity to deep pulsations, a trance-like state, imagery, and spontaneous emotional release. Sometimes the Spirit shares philosophical wisdom through my voice, and can even answer questions from transcendent spaces of truth. Whatever your experience, it will be unique to you and what is most needed at that moment. 

              Myself connecting to Spirit during the first Trance Séance at Rainbow Soul Collective.

‘Trance is reparative travel, travel that heals, stitches together and reunites disparate parts of a person, community and cosmos.”   Joshua Michael Schrei from his podcast The Emerald.

Please join me on August 25th for a beautiful experience of Trance, this ancient practice is revered by many cultures throughout the World. 


About Gurdeep Bhogal: Gurdeep Bhogal is a full-time holistic practitioner, and proprietress of Parinama Transformative Healing Arts based in Marblehead MA and a core teacher at Rainbow Soul Collective. She is a certified Intuitive Medium, Trance Medium & Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Yoga & Meditation, Teacher. Gurdeep was raised as a Sikh, describes herself as an Invoker of the Goddess. She draws deeply upon her Indian Heritage, Yogic philosophy, and Ancestral Traditions in her work and life. Gurdeep also serves on the Pastoral Team at the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism.  

“There are many ways to heal, evolve and grow, Mediumship, Trance Healing, Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation are all beautiful gifts to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself, life, and consciousness.”  Gurdeep Bhogal

Instagram: @parinamahealing
Website: www.parinamahealing.com


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