Direct Channeled Message from Archangel Ariel


What if you could receive guidance from Archangels?

Well, you can in this very special channeled message from our core teacher, Chernise Spruell. 

Here’s a specifically channeled message from Archangel Ariel to you…may it bring you the peace you seek.

One of the things that we would love for you to focus on at this time is the golden light that emanates from your heart space. There are many of you who identify as being predominantly “ego-based human” and that is wonderful, that is how the game was set up but now is the time to unmask and reveal your light to the world.

Not for the sake of the world during these transitioning times, but for your own sake.  

You, Dear One, owe it to yourself to be able to experience yourself as the light that you truly are. This is the most loving, most wonderful, most pure, most fulfilling gift that you can give to yourself. And this in no way negates who you have known yourself to be up until this...

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