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Narrative Astrology Class

Are you curious about the art of Astrology?

Do you want to dive deep into learning how the cosmos shape your life path?

Join me, Grace Harrington Murdoch, from Flowers & Stars for a 10 month online Astrology course to understand the hidden story within natal charts. This course is for Beginner to Intermediate Astrologers to learn to interpret birth charts like you are telling a story. You will gain incredible insight into yourself and others through this lens, as well as be able to begin to design rich narratives for the charts you will be studying.

Your Narrative Astrology journey of learning to weave Astrology and Storytelling in a brand new way will also include a BONUS 11th month for free!

The mathematics of Astrology is so so important, but we also must be able to get to the heartbeat of a chart to be able to do meaningful & expansive readings. This course sets a solid foundation for you to find out how to begin to do this.

This course will prepare you for doing what I call “soul mapping” in Astrology which I feel is at the heart of any well-done reading.

Month One & Two : Astrological Storytelling basics (10 hours)

*Covering the Archetypes of the Signs

*The Planets & their meanings as the Main Characters in the story

*Aspects & Houses - Navigating the Settings & Actions in the chart

*Chiron & Lilith - An in-depth look at Two of my Favorite Asteroids

*The Four Angles in the Chart & their Meanings


Month Three & Four: The Trajectory of the Soul & Creating Context (10 hours)

*Where is the Soul going and where has it been : Studying the North Node, South Node & Midheaven

*What Generation was the Soul born into and what is this Soul group doing to create a Social Impact?

*An in depth look at Pluto and it's impact on the generations

*Introduction to Communication skills & Ethics in Astrology


Month Five & Six - Mapping Themes & Hidden Symbolism (10 hours)

*Using the Sabian Symbols to Map the underlying Channeled Pattern & Finding Hidden Themes

*Understanding Retrograde Planets

*Major Aspect Patterns

*Introduction to Asteroid work & Interpretation

*Mapping your Own Chart's Story

*Ethics, Communication and the Role of an Astrologer (part two)


Months Seven & Eight - Cycles, Cycles, Cycles (10 hours):

*Introduction to Transits & Progressions

*Planetary Meanings that underpin Major Transits

*The Cycles of the Moon & their Meanings

*The Seasons of the year - Understanding the Cycles of the year in the Context of the Chart

*The Life Cycle of the Chart- House Theories


Months Nine & Ten : Putting it all together (9 hours)

*Examining Themes, Plots and Action in a Chart

*Preparing for a Reading (tips, tools, timing & mindset)

*Introduction to Health in a Chart - Houses, Planets and Signs as it relates to the Human body

*2 Recorded Practice Chart Readings for submission & completion of this class (counts towards 6 hours)


Bonus Month: Astrology and Magick - A break from the Narrative and bringing the chart further into the realm of Healing & Possibility (6 hours)

*Moon-ifesting ( How to manifest with the Cycles of the Moon)

*Introduction to Horoscope Writing (What are these based on and how are they written?)

*Astrology and Essential oils & Introduction to Herbal Magic

Working with a Zodiac Flower essence for your own chart & Self-exploration

Hours: 55 hours (This course may take slightly longer to complete, but you will have at least this much material to work with between videos, pdf's, homework & meditations.)

There will be one book per month recommended reading and books are not included . Resources like libraries may carry your books as a free option. But it is a wonderful way to begin to build a solid Astrology library. Your book recommendations will be given at the beginning of the course and throughout.


WHEN: Friday, February 5th- materials become live at 3pm.

Registration ENDS February 5th.

10 month course with a BONUS 11th month free

Monthly zoom meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month.

What People Are Saying:

“I’ve been to see Grace multiple times for astrology, energy healing work… and I love every second of our time together. Grace is such a loving healer who holds so much space for you when you are in her presence. Her shop is unbelievable, the big fireplace is a dream. It welcomes you in, giving off a super cozy vibe.The astrology readings she gives are off the charts amazing. She reads your chart in a way that’s understandable and inspiring. The most recent reading that she gave me led me to pursue my life’s purpose and for that, I am so grateful of and for her! Whenever I can, I refer Grace to family, friends… anyone who is looking for more in their life and doesn’t know where to start. I can’t say enough great words about Grace… you’re missing out if you haven’t been to see her yet!!”

Gina P.

“I just had the time to listen again to our recorded session and it was so inspiring to glean new insights that I might have missed the first time through. The messages to allow the flow and follow my soul’s emergence were just the kind of reinforcement I needed. Sometimes we go through life ignoring the small voice inside that is crying to be heard, to be seen, to be known. Your reading helped me understand why the well-worn grooves of my life’s pattern have been so hard to overcome. But more importantly, your insights paved the way for my soul’s growth. Instead of heading into this next chapter of my life with uncertainty, I will embrace it with the full Goddess energy I possess.Your reading also allowed a level of self-forgiveness and a level of understanding that my life was my karmic path, not a personal failure of too many bad choices. Thank you again for an amazing and transformative session.”

Sharon B.

“Grace gave the BEST astrology reading I've ever had. It was full of spot-on insights. She took the time to explain things well and make sure I was connecting with the info. She's kind, gentle, funny, relaxed, and informal in the most welcoming and inviting way. Her energy is SO upbeat and positive. You want to make her your best friend within the first 5 minutes of being with her. THANKS Grace for the perfect closing to a perfect day. I'll be back for your other services soon.”

Dianne W.

“I am completely enamored with the beautiful kindred spirit, Grace, who I had the pleasure of meeting in this lifetime. Having my astrology chart read is something I've always wanted to do but until today I never had. I am both inspired and empowered by my session with Grace and she is the truest form of a healer and is absolutely here on Earth to share her gifts --- both in word, and in tangible form. How blessed I am our paths crossed. I absolutely recommend any and everyone to book a session with this warrior!”

Meah S.

“I have waited my entire life to have my birth chart done. Grace was worth the wait! She was so thorough and had a beautiful way of explaining the details. It was utterly fascinating and confirmed so many aspects of my life. I could tell that she really spent a lot of time and effort with my chart. I can’t wait to see her for energy work! She is so talented and has a true gift! A rare find, indeed!”

Whitney S.