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The Shine Brighter Lab

When: 6- weeks, Thursdays from 7 - 8:15 pm EST, September 30h, October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, & November 4th
Where: Online via Zoom
Investment: To make this program accessible, we're offering 3 price points, choose which one best aligns with you. 

$277 - Sustainer rate - Pays for your spot- https://www.rainbowsoulcollective.com/offers/2REo82Vb

$444 - Supporter rate - Pays for your spot and supports others- https://www.rainbowsoulcollective.com/offers/uWycB6WX

$100 - Discounted rate - Allows you to enroll regardless of financial status - https://www.rainbowsoulcollective.com/offers/8iac8bRX

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Dear Visionary Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Healers - 

  • Do you tend to hold yourself back from expressing yourself fully?
  • Have you been conditioned to think of your value as a transaction - one where you need to act a certain way in order to earn the value to receive what you really want?
  • Do you have a tendency to shrink, hide, or dim your light in order to fit in, to avoid conflict, and not come across as too much? 

You’re not alone.

I know that it can feel easier and safer to do what you’ve always done and not rock the boat. If you change things up, you might not get anything. You may lose what you worked so hard to gain:

The clients, cash flow, relationships...

The connection, safety, worthiness...

But deep inside, if you’re being honest with yourself, it doesn’t feel good to undermine yourself.

When you sacrifice yourself, give in, settle, people-please, or overgive as a way to feel valued, you never actually feel enough, because the reality is that other people and circumstances are not your real source of wholeness and abundance.

This leads to exhaustion, burnout, resentment, stress, and feeling in lack. 

You also rob the world - your family, your clients, colleagues - from receiving the gift of your fullest expression. 

It’s a lose-lose proposition. 

I get this. 

As a sensitive boy growing up, I was led to believe that I was weak because I cried in movies. I was taught that expressing emotions like disappointment and anger were not allowed. I came to believe that I was too much and what I wanted was too much. 

I was dimming my light by: 

  • Settling for less than what I really wanted. Getting something was better than nothing, right?
  • Not speaking up when I felt disrespected
  • Only showing the parts of myself that I thought people were okay with while suppressing the rest, like my emotions & sensitivity
  • Trying to prove my worth by working harder, longer, and resting very little
  • Trying to do everything myself and not letting others support me
  • Being loose with my energetic and time boundaries, for example, by giving up time I had previously set aside for myself or by not speaking up to end a conversation that felt draining
  • Giving so much of my services away for free (or undercharging) and hoping that people would see how much value I provide and becoming a regular paying client

Can you relate to any of this?

By acting in these ways, I kept the peace but it came at a cost. 

It turns out that sacrificing myself to fit in, to feel valued and loved didn’t help me feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. If anything, behaving in these ways perpetuated my sense of lack and insecurity. 

Maybe you’ve become aware of this too?

Here is the framework that I follow (and guide my clients to follow) to show up more boldly, honor myself, and create the life I want to live.

  1. I make a list of all the ways conditioning keeps me feeling safe at the expense of my well-being and true desires (i.e. perfectionism, shrinking, avoiding, proving, overgiving, confusion, not asking for help, etc.)

    Being aware of these sneaky habits and behaviors helps me catch and stop them before they derail me.

  2. I identify as my true identity - what I call my Core Essence - remembering that I am eternal awareness, pure potential, Divine, God, the Universe, Shakti... whatever label you like to use.

    I am not my conditioning! I came to realize that I didn’t need to spend any more time or energy trying to fix myself. I could let go of the thoughts and ideas that made up my sense of personal self and have the free will to act in ways that inspire me.
  3. Feeling freedom from my old sense of self, and acting from my Core Essence, I experiment with new ways of showing up.

    Einstein said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the thinking we used to create them.’ Acting from my Core Essence gave me access to new energy, new thoughts, and new possibilities.

  4. I practice being fully present in moments of discomfort.
    I used to lump all discomfort into the same bucket labeled as ‘
    Bad - Avoid at all costs!’ But any type of change can feel viscerally uncomfortable in our bodies. By practicing to be present to discomfort, I realize that I can feel the discomfort and still feel safe. I also learned that 99% of the time the consequences that my mind makes up don’t happen.

  5. Lastly, I give myself permission to have and experience the things that make my heart sing, like kayaking for hours in the middle of a ‘work’ day, taking naps, or going off on a 10-day solo road trip in Southwest U.S. 

    I let myself have them now instead of waiting until I achieved X, Y & Z.

What’s possible when you engage in the above framework?



  • Feeling increasingly confident and at ease navigating life uncertainties
  • Showing up fully as you are with your desires and messiness and knowing that your life partner, your clients, your colleagues respect and value every bit of you
  • Being able to speak up about what matters, set clear boundaries, and have clients and family honor your time and energy
  • Feeling wonderful about putting out your new program aligned with your original vision - not feeling the need to water it down in any way
  • Feeling more in tune with yourself and better able to trust and take action on what’s most true for you
  • Having more time and energy to do the things that really matter

If the above resonates with you, I’d like to invite you to join me in The Shine Brighter Lab.

It’s a Lab because you’ll be acting as scientists. Each week, you’ll get to question default ways of being, engage in practical experiments, and discover what allows you to feel free and fully expressed as yourself. 

During this 6-week interactive group coaching program you will:

  • Identify the socially acceptable habits and beliefs that keep you in self-sacrifice mode
  • Practice living from your Core Essence (your limitless self) by engaging in weekly experiments
  • Learn exercises to be present with and ease out of the discomfort that natural arises when you’re stretching your comfort zone
  • Receive support and accountability from your peers in the Lab

Why a group format is vital for this work? 

Brene Brown says, “Shame is that warm feeling that washes over us, making us feel small, flawed, and never good enough.” and “If you put shame in a petri dish, it needs three ingredients to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence, and judgment. If you put the same amount of shame in the petri dish and douse it with empathy, it can’t survive.”

Essentially, shame holds you back from shining brightly. It makes you want to hide and deal with this issue by yourself. But, what you actually need is to be seen and accepted as you are.

Because the individuals that come together for these programs tend to experience similar hurts and challenges, they get you. Being seen as you are is transformative. It’s common to feel less alone and more understood. Also, bearing witness to one person’s transformation can show you that what’s possible for them is also possible for you.

What’s included in the program: 

  • Course material to prepare you for specific weeks
  • 6 weekly live zoom calls for discussion, group coaching and exercises. 
  • All calls will be recorded and made available for review (only for this cohort)
  • Weekly experiments / explorations
  • Access to a group forum to ask questions and receive feedback in between sessions

Week 1: You Are Not Your Stories (September 30th at 7-8:15 pm EST)

  • Identify the socially acceptable habits and beliefs that keep you in self-sacrifice mode
  • Clarify what’s important to you- what do you want to make more room for?
  • Start exploring what it’s like to live free from conditioning 


Week 2: Showing Up Differently (October 7th at 7-8:15 pm EST)

  • What self-expressions are missing from your life? What have you learned to not allow?
  • The consequences of suppressing who you are 
  • What expressions do you want to try on?
  • In what ways will you try these expressions on? What experiments will you conduct?


Weeks 3 to 5: Experimenting

  • Conduct the experiments you identified from Week 2
  • Report back your findings
  • Work through any resistance


Call #3: October 14th at 7-8:15 pm EST

Call #4: October 21st at 7-8:15 pm EST

Call #5: October 28th at 7-8:15 pm EST


Week 6: Create Your Commitment Plan (November 4th at 7-8:15 pm EST)

  • Celebrate your wins! What became possible for you?
  • Create your practice plan for continued growth and expansion as you move forward on your own


If this program is speaking to you, I hope you’ll join us.


Nat’s wisdom and insights were incredibly helpful in identifying patterns in my life that prevented me from embodying the fullest expression of myself. He helped me identify all the hidden places where I put too much pressure on myself – ways I wouldn’t let myself relax. This awareness was a game changer. It shifted the way I relate to myself, my family, and my teaching... I now feel more joy, less stress and even more vibrancy in all aspects of my life. ” –Dawn Davis

Nat’s coaching supported me to step into my wholeness.  Feelings of wholeness have opened new doors for me in my business— even some I never expected!  I’m more willing to take risks and “put myself out there.” Thanks to Nat’s course, I’m no longer hiding!”  –Madeline Mooney

The tools and lessons learned through Nat’s coaching have supported me in getting to who I really am and what I truly want out of my life. The increased consciousness in me has opened up the door to healthier relationships, a stronger business and most importantly a more authentic and joyful me.” - Jule Mele

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]