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Manifesting your Magical Business 6 Week Course

Join Grace Harrington-Murdoch for a six-week self-directed course that will help you get your magical business off the ground and shift it from a state of lack to one of abundance.

Over the course of 6 weeks we will:

Identify the top 12 limiting beliefs entrepreneurs carry, and how to shift these beliefs for good.

We will give you 5 action steps you can start to take today that will begin to grow your business and gain clarity on your goals.

We will identify the primary ways you can align the energy of your business so you have a steady flow of clients.

We will work on the most inexpensive ways to get your business packaged and ready for the public.

Grace will give you the top ways she has built her practice from scratch into a very steady energy healing practice without fancy branding.

We will cover everything from changing your mindset, to boundaries, to time management.

We will give you some key ways market and network with your community to support not just your business, but other businesses as well. This will give you the groundwork to create a dream community around your business.

Throughout this course, Grace will share her story and the successes/mistakes she made in building her business which will help you break through to the other side of any limiting beliefs.

We will talk about some simplified ways of marketing on Instagram, and even do a module on taxes so you can feel confident about that as well. 

By the end of this course, you will have clarity on your next steps and be able to hit the ground running in creating your successful magical business!

Included in this course are worksheets every week, guided meditations, pdf's outlining your biz work tasks, & more!

Come have fun with us and step into the belief that you can have the magical business of your dreams.

Who is this class geared towards:

Healers, Creatives, Magic Makers, Astrologers, Tarot readers, etc!!

Basically this course is for anybody who wants to lead their creative or healing business from their heart and soul and create an energetically aligned business that feels good. We support a business model that is based on embodiment, intuition, self-knowledge, compassion, collaboration and ease.  

Week 1: Shifting your beliefs from lack to abundance. This week we will address the shadow beliefs we carry and clean out our energetic closet. We will use 2 energetic techniques to help us get there! This work is key for your solid foundation internally. 

Week 2: Creating a solid foundation through intention and energetic clearing. This week we will get clear on our goals, how much time we need for them and a technique to keep your systems clear and attracting what you want. 

Week 3: This week is juicy as we get to design our dream schedule; learn to flow and manifest with the cycles of the moon & we will talk about the power of love to activate your business as well as delegation. 

Week 4: We are getting down to brass tacks here and must understand how to make embodied decisions. You will learn that here along with many very practical biz marketing strategies. 

Week 5: We will give you ten ways to boost your business now this week, go over the business of taxes & write offs as well as learning how to pivot to open doors. This week even has a great meditation to align to your true self as well. 

Week 6: We will talk legalities of starting a business, work with my favorite online scheduler, talk about creating business memberships and more. This week we will make sure your purpose is extra clear with a worksheet that helps you sort it all out to make sure you are good to go! 

Bonus content courses : 

Balanced Empathy (worth $55)

Distance Healing with Confidence: (worth $75)

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]