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Akashic Records Level II

When: Thursdays July 8-August 26 (8 weeks), 7-9 pm EST
Where: Online 
Investment: $444

**Pre-requisite of Akashic Records Level I with Christabeth


As I opened the records for this specific group, the message right away was EXPANSIVE! The records showed each of you blossoming out of the same flower under a dark blue starry sky, and each taking off in your own directions as you hone your relationship with the Akashic. After this flower birthed you, you are on your own paths to discover and play with the way you will work with this magic:) Welcome to the birth of the next branch of your life! 

As you will further build upon the foundation of level l in this beautiful continuation of the Akashic Records level ll, you will expand your knowledge and grow your confidence in holding record readings for another. Besides deepening your intuition through play and lots of practice, you will receive so many gifts out of this training that you will have for life. There are countless ways to utilize the Akashic Records of which we will talk about, and the freedom for you to co-create with them is completely all yours! 

We will flow between educational pieces and lots of practice sessions both in class and outside of class. You build greater knowledge and embodiment on how to hold a reading, creating welcoming space, specific topics to ask the records, and more. 

Because we will be practicing with each other, and to make sure you feeling good in how you’re landing in this work, you must be able to be present for each live session --and of course you will have access to the recordings to go over the info from any session. As life happens, if something comes up and you are unable to attend a live session, please let me know and we will check in about the material.  

In addition to our live meeting times, you will receive Soulwork between each session. There will be Soulwork info coming a bit before class starts, so keep a look out! At the end of this training, you will have created a starting plan as to how you'd like to bring this work into the world, and receive a certificate of completion--YAY!! Details of our time together include:  


Week One: The Reignition
As you move into your first week, you will revisit your Akashic Records as well as get playful in the land of intuition. This is a reignition of the foundation you have learned in level l to be able to grow the seeds you have planted for the coming weeks.

Week 2: The Receiving
Here, you will receive the full opening prayer for accessing another's records and begin to play in the fields of Akasha! We will also talk about how to talk about the Akashic. 

Week 3: The Becoming
In Becoming, you will look more deeply at specific topics like past lives, ancestors, loved ones, and other worldly realms. We will also touch upon the importance and the how-to's of holding space and readings. These pieces will help begin to weave everything together so you will hold a flowing and beautiful session for another. 

Week 4: The Glowing Up
As you will have previously begun to weave everything together, this week you will be holding full-on practice readings. This will help with your Akashic glow up-your growth and confidence! Here, you will explore yourself as a reader as you begin to hone your unique way of reading the records. This is about trying it all on! 

Week 5: The Embodiment
Ahh, you've been learning how to access, hold sessions, and read for another--you are embodying the Akashic! As we continue to weave in practicing, we will also go into the "now what's" of bringing this more fully into the world, work on your vision, and talk business. This will also help you get more clear on how you would like to use them moving forward--which is always evolving! 

Week 6:The Expanse
As you expand further into this work, we will check in about how the business piece is unfolding for you and how sessions are feeling. This week we will also take a look at the opening prayer and be invited to work with the Akashic to alter anything you’d like--this is YOUR prayer after all! We will get more playful and as always, practice.

Week 7: The Final Push
Sweet! You’re almost there! This week will be a deeper check in and as always, you will get in more practice. It’s really time to release anything that may be holding you back here, and open your heart fully to the beauty of the Akashic realm! 

Week 8: The Welcoming Home
Darling--you have arrived! We will hold a full on practice session with those handpicked by me (Christabeth) from the outside world, answer any last questions, and have a celebration together! Off you go, using this gift as your birthright, and bringing your own magic forward more fully! 

The Akshic is super stoked to have you back, as it’s already holding you and working through you. They want you to know you’ve already got this--for it’s simply about trusting your process with them:) 

Bonus! You may book as many Akashic Records readings/consultations through our time together at a reduced rate of $125/1hr session (originally $150), or $188/1.5 hr session (originally $225). 

Have questions? Email us at [email protected]