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The Gift of Unconditional Receiving Class

Dear Visionary Healers, Coaches and Leaders,

Life is about more than giving.

Most of you likely have the giving part of the equation down pat. You’ve probably even embraced the old saying that it’s better to give than to receive. Unfortunately, because of sayings like this and other cultural, societal and familial influences, you’ve learned to place limits on your receiving. Instead of being fully open to receiving, you’ve come to believe that specific conditions must be met first.

By putting conditions on your receiving, you end up:
• Feeling unvalued by your family, colleagues and work community
• Feeling exhausted and stressed out
• Feeling as if you are on the perpetual treadmill of needing to do, give and be more
• Seemingly unable to sit still or relax
• Wanting relief but are deeply afraid to change because that might mean you receive nothing

Can you relate to any of the above?

If you truly wish to make this world a better place, then you need to recognize and develop your skills as an unconditional receiver.
When you step into Unconditional Receiving you get to feel secure, valued and loved. You can release the identities and habits you’ve created in order to garner the attention and care you desired.

Imagine being free of other people’s expectations or feeling like you have to work extremely hard to prove yourself. Imagine no longer having to hide aspects of who you really are. And imagine not feeling the need to suppress what you really want and desire.

Unconditional Receiving means that you can both receive and give freely. There are no more restraints. By living in this flow of giving and receiving, you not only become a transformation force, but you also experience more aliveness, ease, abundance, connection and fulfillment.

Are you ready to craft what this can look like for you?

In this workshop, you’ll identify (with self-compassion) the ways that conditional receiving shows up in your life, how it impacts you, and the ways you reinforce it. You’ll then step into the space of Unconditional Receiving and engage in playful movements to open up new possibilities of receiving in your body and consciousness. You’ll leave with a personalized map that you can reference as you continue to move out of conditional receiving and into unconditional receiving.

I hope you’ll join me.

With Much Love,

When: Thursday, March 4th 7-9pm
Where: Online
Investment: $44

All classes will be recorded and made available the next day. 

Have questions, email us at [email protected]