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Trance is such a buzz word right now, but what does it mean?

How can you harness the power of this modality to enhance your healing practice and overall life guidance? 

Join certified medium Gurdeep Bhogal for a FREE Trance Mediumship Masterclass where you’ll experience the energy of Trance Mediumship, learn about the varying aspects of the modality from writing to art and see and feel the healing and expansion it can provide. 

See and feel how Trance Mediumship can enhance your life.

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Welcome, I'm so glad you're here! 

Hi, I'm Gurdeep Bhogal, I’m an Intuitive Medium, Trance Medium, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher. Raised as a Sikh, with a rich Indian cultural heritage behind me, I have always been interested in Spirituality and Healing, for as long as I can remember. 

I began studying Mediumship in 2005 fascinated by the afterlife and knowing that there is more to our existence than just the physical world. I’m grateful to have studied Mediumship in the US and UK with the finest and most inspiring teachers and became a certified Spiritualist Medium in 2013.

The art of Mediumship has many facets in which I practice. I love learning, sharing, helping, and empowering others to cultivate their own Seership practices. I’m dedicated to my students in helping them on their spiritual path and exploring their intuitive gifts. One of my specialties is the powerful modality of Trance Healing, where my Spirit Guides and I work together on the subtle and physical bodies, to bring balance and health. 

Trance Mediumship is a unique aspect of Mediumship that allows you to share your consciousness and mind with Spirit by fully surrendering and allowing Spirit to communicate through you on a much deeper level. This communication can take many forms from speaking to writing, to energetic healing, and even art. Trance can be shared on an individual or group level to assist in physical, mental emotional healing, offer philosophical guidance, or in some instances, a loved one from the Spirit World can communicate through a Medium in Trance.

Developing and working in Trance can be a beautiful transformative process for you and enhances other practices such as Energy Medicine and Evidential Mediumship.

It’s an honor to serve Spirit and to share the gift of Trance Mediumship with you all. 

See you all on January 19th!

With love,